Brides Across America Kicks off 10th Year

Updated: Jun 21, 2018


In honor of our national heroes, during the 2018 Independence Day celebration from July 2, 2018 – July 15, 2018, Brides Across America will deploy Operation Wedding Gownto honor our military and first responder brides-to-be with free wedding gowns nationwide. Events will kick off at participating salons and will offer a selection of designer wedding gowns some valued up to $6000. Sizes will range from 0-24. Brides will need to register for the upcoming events.

To allow love to play the starring role and minimize wedding-related financial stress for our heroes, Brides Across America, founded in 2008,originated Operation Wedding Gown. Since that time, Brides Across America, our partner salons, designers and individual donations have made it possible to give back by providing over 20,000 wedding gowns and 22 full weddings across the country. With wedding dresses and accessories costing an average of $2,000 the win for our heroes is evident.

“This program means so much to us. With all the medical expenses, gifting me this gown can make our dreams come true on our wedding day!” This will be a wonderful day that we can forget about our struggles and share in our love for each other," says Roseann.

How to qualify and register for an Operation Wedding Gown Event:

For more information on how to qualify, to locate a salon near you, or to register for an event go to Military brides must bring proper identification along with copy of deployment papersto be presented the day of the event. First Responders must bring a valid work ID the day of the event.

Making dreams come true is the life work of Heidi Janson, founder of Brides Across America. She says, “Every bride deserves to have that fairytale wedding especially our first responders and military that serve us on a daily basis. I felt compelled to give back and make a difference for our heroes sacrificing their lives.”

About Brides Across America

A national nonprofit, Brides Across America continues to honor our heroes by giving weddings and wedding gowns to our deserving military and making wedding dreams come true. Brides Across America has provided assistance to thousands of military couples since its inception in 2008. All donations received go directly to provide support to our couples. To date, Brides Across America, in collaboration with bridal salons, designers, and individual donations has been able to donate more than 20,000 wedding gowns and 20 weddings. Operation Wedding Gown has also made headlines when it was featured in PEOPLE magazine, Steve Harvey Show and honored at the White House.This year, Brides Across America will launch its first charity store located in the heart of Andover, MA.