Our veterans are returning from their deployments, some with obvious wounds, many with hidden ones.  To integrate fully back into society as functioning individuals, many times the help of a service dog can make the difference between success and failure.  The safety and security that a fully trained service dog can afford to a wounded veteran is a miracle. It is also very expensive. Connie Hellwig, the founder of “Feed the Dog, Inc”, established the non-profit organization in 2014 with the goal of raising funds to assist in the cost of maintaining the veteran’s dog.  Food is costly, and premium food, designed to support the dog’s athletic duties (mobility work and seizure control), is about $1,250/year and is the organization’s main focus.

As many of the visitors to my website know, my efforts and activities to aid veteran’s have been a passion that has driven my energy for many years.  When I see an organization such as “Feed the Doc, Inc” it is important for me to pass it along, to widen the net of help available to those who have given so much!

Connie Hellwig

Executive Director