Robostrong was born after the Boston Marathon Bombing. Founder Roseann Sdoia felt the need to not only share her story of perseverance as a victim of the bombing, but also bring light to charities that supported the survivors. Everyone knows the bad that happened that fateful day, but Robostrong spreads the word on the good.


A lot of that good came from the veterans who arrived almost immediately after the bombing. They came to spread hope, not only to the injured, but also to their families. One of Roseann's first responders, now her husband, is also an Army Veteran, whom she credits with helping to save her life.


To give back to those who helped the wounded on that day, Roseann supports different foundations with a strong focus on charities associated with veterans such as Semper Fi / America’s Fund, Disabled Sports USA, and Brides Across America. These organizations have all helped in her recovery and there is a strong desire to pay it forward when the opportunities arise. Through Robostrong, she spreads the word and supports these groups, as well as through her book Perfect Strangers and various speaking engagements.