"Finding this home for Veterans has helped me change direction to helping those who help Veterans."

-Richard George

Habitat P.L.U.S., Inc.

People Learning Useful Skills

The mission of Habitat P.L.U.S., Inc. is to provide supportive sober housing to psychiatrically disabled veterans, who would otherwise be homeless, and to provide program participants with information and advocacy to access existing service programs.  The goal for program participants is to maintain stable housing.

Our veterans’ supportive housing program was privately established in 1989 as a memorial to Stanley J. Egan.  Stanley, a cousin of the organization’s founders, was killed in action in Vietnam in 1969.  In 1990, the founders purchased an 1847 Jacob Cohen Mansard Victorian in downtown Lynn to serve as the home base for the program.  This 18-room home was then restored and opened serving three formerly homeless veterans.  Today, that house serves ten veterans in a group home setting.  

Within the first two years of operation, a number of the residents had stabilized and needed a less restrictive, yet supportive housing option.  As a result, in 1992, the founders purchased an abandoned legal five-family apartment building located next door to the group home.  After extensive renovations, this additional building was then opened as a step-up Cooperative Apartment Program, now serving up to four veterans.

In 1995, after establishing a sound foundation and proven track record, the organization obtained non-profit status for the agency now known as Habitat P.L.U.S., Inc. (HP).  This enabled the organization to continue its mission driven programs and pursue additional funding sources for the programs.  Habitat PLUS is now in its thirtieth year of operation.